Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sugar Cookies

Making sugar cookies is a tradition at our house.  We LOVE sugar cookies!  Lately, Parker has really been getting into helping me cook and I love it!  (Other than constantly washing hands, everything else is great)! It's so fun to see his excitment when he asks what we're making and when he says, "Are they for me?!" Then he runs in his room and gets his little stool and asks if he can help. 
I really want him to know how to cook so that hopefully when he goes on his mission and when he's married, he will know more than how to make macaroni and cheese.  :)

These little moments with my buddy are some of my absolute favorite moments ever!  I am so grateful to be his mom! 

Festival of the Trees

Every year we go to the Festival of the Trees and it is one of my favorite things to do during December.  When I woke up Parker this morning and told him we were going, he was so excited!  It was really fun to see his face as we walked around but I think he got less and less thrilled as time went on because all the toys around the trees were so fun and not touching them is super hard for a three year old!
Grandma Jenny was able to come with us and that always makes Parker super happy! 
It's hard to see the details in this picture but this is the fire truck tree and Parker thought this was the best!  He stopped and looked at this thing forever and kept holding his hand out attemping to touch things. 

Naughty of Nice?

After preschool on Monday, Parker and I went to see Santa and I was unbelievably entertained by my child! At first, he was a little shy, not scared, just shy.  Then, he was saying the funniest things to Santa and then he would hide behind me because I think he was embarrassed.  He even insisted that I get my picture taken with Santa first and asked if I had been good, too.  (Sadly, the picture didn't turn out).
When Santa asked him if he was being Naughty of Nice, he said, "Mostly nice." 

Seeing Santa was a super good thing for us because Parker really, really wants to make him happy and keeps reminding me what Santa said he needed to do if he wanted to get a race track for his hot wheels.  Here's hoping it works for the next three weeks.... 

Temple Square Lights

When Eric's sister and her family were in town from Oregon, we all went down to Temple Square to see the lights.  Before we met them, we took Parker to dinner and to do a little shopping at City Creek (in our family, you can't go down there without stopping at the Disney Store).  He was so excited about all the lights and kept asking if we could go see more.

I love how much this boy loves the temple.  He asks to go see it regularly, wants to go inside and every time we see a temple, he makes sure everyone can see it.  I hope he always has a great love and desire to be near the temple.
Okay, these next pictures crack me up.  As you can tell, Parker is a difficult one to capture on camera because he won't hold still long enough.  I was trying to take a picture and this what I got...

I am sad we didn't get a picture of the rest of the family because it was fun to be together but it was PACKED.  We went on opening night and I have never seen it that busy.  We could barely move.  Even with all the people though, there was a beauty and spirit that is hard to match.  

Cousin Sleepover

Parker was so excited to have his cousins sleep over and was counting down the days until they came!  (We were really bummed that my brothers kids couldn't make it this time, though). 
We had a pizza, played games, had pillow fights, ate WAY too much junk food and laughed a lot!

Here we are attempting to get all of us in the picture...we tried many, many times but never quite got it. 

We had K & B the next day because it was their parents anniversary.  Last year, they helped us set up our "fun" Christmas tree so they asked if we could do it again.  I think this may become a tradition. 
After all that fun, we took the them bowling and that was a blast!

 Parker's obviously still learning and he had a hard time getting the ball down the lane so it went really, really slow.  The four of them got down to watch it several times.  Other people at the bowling alley thought they were pretty hilarious. 
They all got really good scores (unfortunately you can't see it on the screen) but it was quite the competition.  
We knew we had a fun, successful day because Parker couldn't even stay awake during dinner.  (And yes, we are having eggs and toast, as per his request.  That's one of his favorite things to have). 

Thanksgiving Fun!

Parker has been learning all about the first Thanksgiving at preschool and even made outfits for them to wear.  He was so excited to get all dressed up and eat his "feast" that night. 

His little preschool class.  They are all so cute!
We spent most of Thanksgiving with Eric's side of the family and it was such a great day.  His parents are finally in their new, beautiful home and his sister and her family were in town from Oregon and it was so nice to all be together.  After eating way too much food, we headed to my parents house for pie and visiting.  I didn't get much visiting in though because my brother-in-law talked me into going shopping with him.  We ended up having a lot of fun and getting some great deals but I still feel bad about shopping on Thanksgiving night.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Adoption Boondocks Party

Every year, The United Adoption Council puts on a party for those touched by adoption in anyway and it's held at Boondocks.  We look forward to it every year because not only do we love Boondocks but we always meet new, wonderful people.  This year was no exception. 
It was super fun this year because we had just been there for Parker's birthday so he was so excited to go back and play. 
He thought mini golf was super fun.  He totally cheats, though.  Like big time.  At one point Eric said, "Did your mom teach you to play?"  I don't know why he would say that....

Watching them play made my heart happy. 
He was thrilled about the go carts but this picture was taken when he was just told he couldn't drive. 


This little guy makes everything better.  Sometimes we will just be playing or reading a story and I look at him and still can't believe how lucky I am to be his mom.