Sunday, November 16, 2014

Adoption Boondocks Party

Every year, The United Adoption Council puts on a party for those touched by adoption in anyway and it's held at Boondocks.  We look forward to it every year because not only do we love Boondocks but we always meet new, wonderful people.  This year was no exception. 
It was super fun this year because we had just been there for Parker's birthday so he was so excited to go back and play. 
He thought mini golf was super fun.  He totally cheats, though.  Like big time.  At one point Eric said, "Did your mom teach you to play?"  I don't know why he would say that....

Watching them play made my heart happy. 
He was thrilled about the go carts but this picture was taken when he was just told he couldn't drive. 


This little guy makes everything better.  Sometimes we will just be playing or reading a story and I look at him and still can't believe how lucky I am to be his mom.  

A Trip to the Zoo

Last week, Parker was so excited because we got to go with Parker's birth family and birth cousins to the zoo.  They were running pretty late and I kept asking him if he wanted to walk around for a bit until they got there and he kept telling me, "No, I want to wait for Annie!"  I love that he just adores her and loves our outings with all of them!
They were having so much fun at the zoo. They ran around chasing each other and we could barely keep up with them but it was so fun to see them playing and laughing! 


Love this! 

These two are very close in age and they have so much fun together! 

When we got in the car to leave, Parker said, "Mom, that was awesome!"  I love open adoption! 

Trick or Treating

The day finally came! Parker wanted to go trick or treating at lunch time but we convinced him he would have to wait a few more hours.  He trick or treated for about two and a half hours and absolutely loved it!  In the beginning, he was running from house to house and had so much energy, it was hilarious!  After a while though, he got worn out and asked us to get his wagon.  But even after that, he would still jump out of his wagon and jump at the doorsteps.  By the end he was pretty tired and excited to go see both sets of Grandparents. 

It has been so fun to see him dress up this past month and when people askk him what he's going to be, he would respond by saying either, "Just Woody," or "How about Woody?"  

Preschool Field Trip

For Parker's preschool field trip, we all went to Black Island Farms and he was so excited he got to go back there again with his friends.
On the hay ride, the farmer was showing the kids some of the vegetables they grow and he put a cabbage leaf on Parker's head and he thought that was the coolest thing ever.  He wore it for almost the rest of the ride.  He would take it off occassionally to eat a few bites and then put it back on.  
The farmer also picked a carrot and told them they could take a bite if they wanted to (he was joking and said dirt wouldn't kill them) but Parker took him seriously and licked it and passed it to the next person.  Eric and I were really glad he was the first person to get it. :) 
Parker picking his pumpkin.

After the hay ride was over, they could do whatever they wanted to and Parker chose to go down the slide about a million times.

Ever since the adoption walk when he got his face painted like spider man, he asks to get his face painted all the time. When he saw face painting at the farm and wanted it done, we couldn't turn him down.   
We were so glad daddy took the day off and could come with us! 

Family Halloween Party

Our annual Halloween party with Heather's family was super fun, as always.  We had lots of awesome costumes, great food and super fun games.  What made it even better was the weather was perfect so we could do most of it outside.

Parker adores my sister Heidi but when he saw her dressed up he got a little nervous and said, "I want regular Heidi back."  For the past couple of weeks, whenever we go over to her house or he knows he is going to see her, he says, "regular Heidi, right?"  It's pretty funny.
Every year we take a picture of those who dressed up.  We are still working on a few people who aren't as into of these years we are going to convince them. :) 
The mummy wrapping game is always the highlight of the party.  It was so fun to watch Parker be able to do it this year.  We also made slime (which I didn't get pictures of because Eric and I were both trying to help Parker keep his contained). 
Then we came in and made dirt and worm cupcakes. 

Eric trying to show my sister and brother-in-law what our dating porch scences were like.... ;)
After that night, Parker was more than ready to go trick or treating and asked every night when he'd get to go. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scary Hill

Saturday night, we headed to Scary Hill with Heidi and her family.  We just didn't want UEA weekend to end and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.  We are so glad they were able to come because we had so much fun!
All the kids did the rock climbing wall and did such a great job. 

They had the coolest tractor ride I have been on so far.  It was totally worth the wait and the kids loved it! 
I sure do love this handsome guy! 
Who doesn't love bumper boats?!  If I could have fit in there, I would have! 
The maze was another huge hit with everyone!  The kids made it a goal to try to lose us and they did just that. They would run off (but K made sure she stayed with Parker) and try to trick us.  I can't even remember how many times we went through that maze but by then end, I was SUPER tired. 

The blaster game was super fun.  However, I learned that my family is full of cheaters! Eric just started throwing buckets full of balls at us and before I knew it, they were all doing it.  And I don't know how little kids play that game because when those things hit you, it hurts!!!

B is crazy!

We finished the night off with a round of Miniture Golf.  The kids thought it was awesome but I was beyond tired and was wishing there wasn't 18 holes.  It was fun to see how excited they got about all the scary Halloween decorations.