Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Day at the Lake

Last weekend we went up to the lake with my sister and her family and went paddle boarding and had a blast! Eric and I love paddle boarding and have been so excited to take Parker and we were so excited that he absolutely loved it!

Parker loved going out on the paddle board and especially loved holding the paddle, which made going very far a little tricky at times. 

The kids played in the sand for hours. 

K and B had this awesome raft and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.  

They pulled Parker around in the raft a ton and he thought it was the best! 

Parker loves his cousins so much! 
I just can't get enough of these two! 
It was such a fun trip!  Parker keeps asking to go back to the beach and play on the "boat!"  We definitely have ourselves a little fish.  

Friday Night at the Park

We love the park, especially days when daddy can join us.  Friday night we got pizza and spent the evening there and it was the perfect night. 
We fed the ducks. 
Parker chased birds....
and ran bare foot in the sand...

got extremely dirty...
and played in the sand for a really long time (and yes, we bring our toys to the volley ball court.  We are cool like that.  It is Parker's favorite because it is one "really big sand box.") 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lava Hot Springs

Last weekend we took a quick trip up to Lava Hot Springs for the weekend and had a great time with some of our family.  We rented a house, got some 4-wheelers, went tubing down the river several times and hit the pool.  Below are some pictures of our fun adventure!
Kyle and B on the 4 wheeler
Grandpa and K
We are so white it is hard to tell who we are but this is actually me, Eric and Parker tubing down the river...we had a blast! 
Kyle, Eric and B
K LOVED going down the river.  She was so fun to watch
Parker cracked us all up...he wanted to wear this helmet all weekend and he pretty much did.  
These three make me laugh.  Parker adores them.
Heidi, Kyle, Eric and me about to go test out the 4-wheelers.  
He thought he was pretty tough.  He told us he was going to drive it and didn't need help. 
He loved driving with daddy. 
B waiting for his turn. 

The park was a hit, too.
The horsey swings were super cool.
At the pool.

Ever since we got home, Parker has asked to "sleep at the house with the trucks with K and B and Grandpa Craig." I would say that made for a successful for trip! 

Ogden Temple Open House

We have been so excited for the Ogden Temple to reopen and have the opportunity for Parker to get to go inside before the dedication.  Parker loves to see the temple and always asks to go inside and I just couldn't wait to take him.  He was actually really good when we went through (we talked about it A LOT before hand) and he loved looking at all the pictures. 
We went with my Grandma, Parents and my sister Heidi and her family.  (We were supposed to go with my entire family but there was a mix up with the ticket situation and so they are going another time). It was a great experience though.

Oh I love these kiddos! 
I am so grateful to live so close to so many temples and have the opportunity to attend as frequently as I I just need to make a bigger effort and make it a bigger priority! :) 

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory Tour

My sisters and I (minus one sister..she had to work) took our kids to the chocolate factory for a tour and the kids were so excited to see how it all worked and to sample all the chocolate!
Here they are pretending to stir it all up! 

If only this could really happen! :)
They had a train room and Parker thought that was the best part!  He didn't want to leave. 

At the end of the tour they had ice cream and the kids loved it!
We have been having so much fun with cousins we are going to be so sad when they all go back to school!