Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 24th Celebrations!

On the 24th, we decided to get up early and hike up to to Solitude Lake before our family BBQ at my parents house and I'm so glad we did because we had so much fun!  Below are some of my favorite pictures.
 Parker being tough and showing us his big muscles!
 If you haven't noticed, Parker doesn't always stop and smile for the camera so we have to be creative in trying to get him to do so...this is him "blowing the camera."
 This is actually Silver Lake.  We went to both Silver and Solitude Lakes that day.
 I love that Eric will let Parker "ride his head" anytime he wants to.
 We see all kinds of animals when we are up there.  Last time it was a moose.  This time just a deer but Parker was thrilled.
 Parker loves to jump over all the big rocks.
 When we went hiking a few weeks ago to Twin Lakes, the views were incredible but the hike was pretty strenuous with a two year old.  This hike was pretty easy and not nearly as beautiful.  We were more impressed with the other one but not nearly as tired. :)

 This hike runs along the Solitude ski lifts and there was a tractor there taking down some trees.  Parker thought that was the coolest thing ever.  He talked about the tractor the entire time.  He was pretty excited he got to stand on the tire and have his picture taken with it.
 These boys are my whole life.
 Silver Lake is breath taking.

 After going home and cleaning up, Parker and I headed up to my parents house.  (Unfortnately, Eric wasn't feeling super well so he stayed home).  We ate great food and played for hours and the kids asked about every half hour when it was going to be dark because they couldn't wait to do fireworks. 
 The kids waiting in anticipation to do fireworks! (We are missing a few kiddos because some were in Bear Lake and some didn't want their picture taken).
 Doing pop its
It was such a great 24th!  I sure do love my family and love this time of year! 


Friday we went to the splash pad with Parker's birth family and had a blast!  Annie and I seriously thought we were going to melt because we weren't playing in the water and it was a million degrees but as always, we still had so much fun! I love seeing Parker play with his siblings.  (Even though he is still in the stage where he will play with them for a second but still mostly just runs around by himself). 
We pray for each of them by name every day and I love to hear Parker talk about them.  I know he loves and adores them. 
This picture makes me laugh.  This is a typical picture of the family.  I can NEVER get everyone looking at the camera at once. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cherry Hill

On Friday, Eric's family had a campout at Cherry Hill.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to campout because we had a family reunion with my side of the family that we committed to long before we planned this but we went up for the evening and swam with the family.  We had so much fun that night but only took a few pictures. 
 Parker LOVED Cherry Hill.  We have only taken him there one other time but we may have to consider doing it more often because we had a blast!
 This was the kiddie slide but Parker wanted us to join it. :)
 A lot of time Eric's at work when we go swimming so it was so fun to have him there with us.  Parker wanted to do everything with his daddy.
 Parker's favorite thing is to jump in the water and put his head under and everything is always more fun with his dad. :)
Back at the campsite.  There are a lot more little ones on Eric's side so it was fun to see Parker with them.  These are the three little boys.  He has one more cousin that was born the same year and then  several within a few years. My cute sister in law has all these darling chairs that she lined up and the kids had a blast playing with all them. 
It was so fun to get together with everyone.  I wish we could have stayed and played longer. 

Cousin Swim Party

My sister Julie has this awesome pool slide that all of my nieces and nephews just love so every summer she has a big party and invites everyone over to come play.  The kids look forward to it every summer. 
 Parker went down the slides so many times I lost count.  The older kids eventually got tired and cold but he just kept going and going.
One of the kids brought out the hulk hands and he thought they were the coolest things ever and wanted to go around giving everyone "hulk knuckles."

Little Bird

Last week when we were mowing the lawn, Parker was peeking into the window wells and kept telling me there was a little bird down there that needed to come out. I looked in there and sure enough, there was a tiny little bird in there.  I felt really bad because I was afraid he wasn't alive but he was actually stuck and couldn't fly out.  Parker was so excited that his daddy got him out of the window well and that the bird let them hold him for a little while.  (The bird was a little scared for a while so they took care of it for a bit and Parker was beyond thrilled)!

It was so fun to see Parker's face light up as he got to be so close to this baby bird! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Donut Falls Hike

On Saturday we hiked Donut Falls and had so much fun! Parker has really been loving the outdoors and asks to go "hike the mountain" a lot. Eric and I have always loved to hike and it has been a lot of fun to take Parker along.

Love my man

My cute cousins went up there a couple weeks ago and took donuts and we thought that was such a cute idea so we copied them.  Parker loved getting to the top and having donuts! (Now I just worry that he will think we will have donuts on every hike). 

Parker has become obsessed with squirrels and chipmunks and everytime we go hiking he thinks that he is going to catch one.  It's pretty hilarious to watch. 
I grew up hiking with my dad on many Saturdays and it is a memory that I cherish.  I hope that our little hiking adventures is something that we can continue to do with Parker and will build lasting memories for all of us. 

Cousin Sleepover

Last week we had my neices and nephews over for a sleepover party.  (All except one..we were missing Jake..he's 18 and for some reason didn't want to join in on the fun :)
It was so fun to have them all over again and Parker loved every single minute of it!
They played lots of board games...
played with toys...

They of course had to break out the video games..

Play dough is always a must at our house
Then all the kids decided they wanted to head over to the park even though some were already in their pj's. 

There was an intense game of tag that was played which caused them all to be sweaty and gross so this little guy had to take a bath and the rest of them needed to wash their feet so they jumped in there with him which he thought was pretty hilarious. 

Most of the gang in their pj's.
We ate WAY too much junk food and played some more games before watching The Lego Movie.
Then we woke up and had waffles and played some more!
We played outside with side walk chalk and I of course had to take a picture of cute M with her creation. :)
It was so fun to have these sweet kiddos over for a fun night!  They are all getting so big and pretty soon won't think a sleepover at our house is fun so we have to live it up while we can.