Thursday, September 18, 2014


I grew up hiking to Timpangos Cave a lot with my dad.  It was a tradition and something I looked forward to and a cherished memory.  The last time we hiked up there and toured the cave was the month before Parker was born and so I have been excited to get back up there. We were hoping our entire family could come up there but it just didn't work out this time.  My nephew is on a competition baseball team so his family wasn't able to come. My mom also wasn't feel great so we missed her too.   I was glad that most of our family was able to be there though.  
Eric being his goofy self. 

We took some pictures while we were waiting for my sister and her family.
This is my cute dad.  We were missing my mom so we told him to pretend she was here and we'd photoshop her in later. (That's a family joke we have). 
The gang
All the kiddos who were able to come
My sister's family minus my oldest nephew

Parker telling us what numbers and letters were along the way
When Parker would get tired, he would tell us, "I'm going to crawl like a crab!"

My boys can be super silly.

Grandpa and the grandkids.

This was the highlight of the trip for Parker...Grandpa and uncle Kyle swinging him down the mountain.  He just kept saying, "Again! Again!" And they did it, over and over!
They really are the best.
Me and my guy.  I am so very lucky!
  We packed lunches and had a picnic afterwards.  The kids looked for bugs and thought it was the coolest.  

Halloween Comes Early at our House

I ordered Parker's Halloween costume a couple weeks ago and when we saw it on our porch, he was so excited.  He opened the box and just had to put it on.  When he got all dressed, he insisted that we watch "Buzz and Woody." 
Bytheway, I think trying to purchase a costume for him is going to be more difficult each year.  This year he told me he wanted to be Cars, Woody and Buzz.  After telling him over and over that he could only be one, he finally narrowed it down to Woody.  But now he thinks that this costume is for his birthday, not for Halloween.  I think he is going to be a little confused next week when his birthday party theme is McQueen.  (Which, again, he choose...)

Discovery Gateway with our Favorites

We love our outings with Parker's birth family! This time we met up at Discovery Gateway before K had to go to Kingergarten. The kids had so much fun playing and I love watching them together. 

K is such a great big brother.
Baby Z is getting so big and she is just the cutest thing ever!  She reminds me so much of Parker...just a chunk!  I love it!  Parker went through clothes so fast and was wearing 18 month clothes at 9 months. I am sure she will be the same way. 


Eric and I were in charge of FHE this month with his side of the family and so we took advantage of the great weather and decided to meet at the park.  We had treats, played on the playground, fed the ducks and threw around footballs and frisbees. 
Parker loved "helping" his cousin B go down the slide.  He is going to make such a great big brother one day.  (B was a good sport about getting all the help). :) 
I love watching Eric with kids.  
I don't care how old you are, feeding ducks is awesome!  I still love to do it. 
Parker loved running around with his other little cousin as well.  B is almost 1.5 years older than him but he is smaller than Parker so it just cracks us up.  They play really well together. 
Grandma and Grandpa were a hit because they brought ice cream cones for everyone! 

Twin Falls Hike

Twin Falls Hike was the first hike we did this summer with Parker and I couldn't wait to get back up there again.  The first time we went up there, we didn't know what we were in for with a two year old but he did super awesome and he did even better this time.  Eric was super awesome and took a Friday afternoon off so we could hangout as a family and get an earlier start.  It was great because no one else was up there and it was a perfect fall afternoon.  We packed a sack dinner and had a blast!
It was absolutely gorgeous!
Love this little guy!

He loved playing by the water.

Parker doesn't look very happy (again, he still hasn't grasped the whole "look at the camera WHILE saying cheese") thing but he was loving it.
I absolutely love living in Utah and having different seasons but one thing that I miss during colder months is that we can't hike and enjoy the outdoors in the same ways.  I have absolutely loved our hikes this summer. 

1st Day of Preschool

Parker started his 1st day of Preschool earlier this month.  He was beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to get out the door.  I was quite teary eyed and he kept telling me, "it will be okay, mom...  you'll come back and find me!"  He was so cute and so brave and I really was so proud of him. 
I just can't believe how fast time is flying by!  He is learning so much every single day and he absolutely amazes us!  We just love his sweet and spunky little personality. Eric and I decided the other night that we have to get ourself a little notebook and write down the funny little things he says each night because he just cracks us up and we don't want to forget it!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Labor Day

We PLAYED on Labor Day.  (We really should have been doing yard work but what fun would that have been?)
We got up and went on a great walk on one of our favorite trails. This is one of our favorite places to go because it has a park (which Parker loves), has ducks for us to feed, and has a
"beach" for Parker to play in.
Parker waiting for us to chase him. 

Finding rocks on the "beach." 
After we came home for lunch and took a rest, we headed to another park closer to home for a picnic and some more duck feeding.  As you can tell, this is a favorite of all of ours. 

We all got really dirty playing in the sand but it was a blast!