Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July

We always love the 4th of July! This year Parker caught a cold just a couple days before so we did things a little more low key but still had a blast. 
We woke up and had a great breakfast and then headed out to Farmington Station play.  Parker loved the fountain shows and wanted to play on the playground but unfortunately, the slides and such were WAY too hot.  So we grabbed some ice cream and did a little shopping.  The pretty much wiped him out and we headed home for a rest. 

My parents always do a big water fight and BBQ that afternoon and then we all head out to the firework show. 
My neice T is so great with Parker and since we missed a lot of the waterfight since Parker was still napping, T let him spray her down. 
Parker wanted to just sit in the bucket. 
Parker loves his uncle Kyle.  They went down and got snow cones and Kyle told Parker he had a blue tongue.  This is Parker checking out his tongue in Kyle's glasses. 
Parker loving the sparklers. 

Glow sticks are always a hit!
When he saw some fireworks start, Parker was cracking us up because he kept pointing at them and saying, "OH, I like those!" and "Wow, did you see that!" But once the really loud ones started he laid down next to me and Eric and buried his head in my shoulder every once in a while when he got scared.  I absolutely love watching the fireworks and laying there with my two boys was the best night a girl could ask for. 

Bear Lake

Last weekend we with my sister and some friends up to Bear Lake.  The wind was blowing or it was raining most of the time which made it so cold but we still managed to have a really great time. 
Parker saw the boat and immediately climbed in.  He was so excited to go for a ride. 

Most of the kids and adults wouldn't even get in the water because it was so cold but that didn't stop Parker.  He played in there all day. 

Daddy and Parker loving the boat!
Cute K got braces the day they left for Bear Lake so here she is sporting her mouth guard. 

This kid loves the beach!

Seriously best buds
Back at camp
My cute sister and her family

Temple Date with Mom

Last week when I asked Parker what he wanted to do that day, he said he wanted to go to the temple so we went and walked around temple square again.  He loves to run around and especially loves playing in all the water.  He was a little trickier this time because he tried to get in the reflection pond about a dozen times so that was kind of wasn't exactly the fun picture moment or even cute teaching moment I sometimes picture in my head but I have to remember he's two. :)
We did have some super sweet teaching moments though because he asked over and over "let's go inside, mom" and "Parker want to go in temple, mom" and it was one of those sweet moments to get to talk to him about how special the temple is and when we get to go inside.  I also talked to him about when we became an eternal family and how hopefully some day we will get that opportunity to go through as a family again.

He loves standing right here and this time he just wanted to jump and clap over and over. 
My little stud muffin.  I love that he loves to visit the temple grounds and even though he thinks a lot of buildings are temples, its always makes me so happy to see how excited he gets when he thinks that's what he is seeing. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Hiking Day

On Saturday morning, we went for a beautiful hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon as a family.  We weren't sure how well Parker would do and we had plans with my family later that afternoon so we decided to just hike around Silver Lake.  It was absoultely beautiful but it wasn't really a hike, it was more like a walk so when we were finished, we were all wanting to go a little longer so we decided to do it again and we came upon another trailhead.  We weren't sure what to expect so we asked a guy that we thought had just come down but it turned out he hadn't done it for awhile.  To make a long story short, we were misinformed and there are two trails, one is fairly easy with just a short distance with about a 15% incline and the other is pretty much uphill the entire way with lots and lots of rocks.  We took the second and had many comment about us taking our two year old up there.  But again, we thought we were on the easier one.  In the end, we were really glad we did it but just weren't prepared for what was ahead.  Parker was a champ though!  He was so excited and had so much fun and walked most of the way and never complained!
We saw this moose within the first minute or so of being on the hike and he was just off the trail.  Parker thought it was awesome and looked for another moose the entire time. (Along with squirrels and chimpmunks). 
He likes to "ride dad's head." I'm grateful Eric was up for that on the way back because besides the fact that I was tired, he is super heavy)!

Parker got up on this rock, showed us his muscles and the said, "I'm gonna scare you!" He then roared at us over and over.  We played there for a few minutes and another family walked by and he jumped down came up to me and Eric and said, "I need to scare them!" and started to sneak over towards them.  (We of course caught him and told them that he only scares mom and dad but he is way into scaring people these days. I wonder where he gets that from...). 
Twin Lake
Parker's favorite thing is to throw anything he can find into the water.

It was sso fun to be outdoors with my boys and enjoy nature and see how Parker's face as he discovered new things.  He was so sad when it was time to leave and kept asking to go back.  Lots of people were fishing and most of them were dads with their sons and so he kept saying, "Go fishing with dad!" (It was cute when Eric looked over at me and said, "Dad's not much of a fisherman so..." I may have to teach them a thing or two, if I can remember from my days with my dad). :) We can't wait to go back up and hike some more trails! 

Family Wedding

On Friday, we got to go to Parker's birth uncle's wedding and we were so excited to get to be a part of their special day and also get to see the rest of the family. They had a beautiful ceremony and the place had a super fun playground for the kids so Parker thought it was the best wedding ever! 
My two handsome boys waiting for the ceremony to start. 
Love this guy. 
Parker's sweet birth sister.  She is growing up so fast! 
The happy couple! 
P got to be the flower girl and hold a sparkler.  She looked a little worried about wether or not it was going to burn out by itself or not, though. 
Sweet K.  This kid is such a stud. 

Love that he really is just a big kid at heart.  
Annie looking as beautiful as always with sweet Z. 
Love all of these kiddos so very much.  It was quite a trick trying to get Parker to look at the camera and smile though.  We were not above bribery that night. 
Even though the lighting is awful, this will always be one of my most favorite and cherished pictures because it has some of the most important people in my life in it.  This is the only picture we have with all of us in it that is half decent and I love it! Yay for weddings and great excuses to get dressed up and take awesome pictures! :)